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Boston Derby Dispatch

Featured Skater: Artoo Detoonate, #B33P

When considering skaters who impress both on and off the track, Artoo Detoonate, #B33P, comes instantly to mind. Much like the robot she’s named for, Artoo maintains an impressive bank of knowledge and is constantly working to understand advanced derby strategies and techniques for the benefit of herself and her teammates. She exudes a calm competence during gameplay that belies the speed of her feet and the processing going on in the interstellar, human computer that is her brain. Off skates, Artoo guides her leaguemates and opponents with her incredible positivity and supportive feedback. Read on to learn more about the skater who has helped bring balance to the force that is the Boston Derby Dames.

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2013 Scoreboard

Boston Massacre (WFTDA #16; 7-7)

last bout: Boston 317 / Sacred City 158

Boston B Party (5-1)

last bout: B Party 480 / Black Ice Brawlers 98

Home Team Standings

  1. Arkham Horrors / 3-2
  2. Cosmonaughties / 4-1
  3. Wicked Pissahs / 2-3
  4. Nutcrackers / 1-4
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