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Training and Recreation Program (Photo by Jessica Phearsome)

The Training and Recreation Team Program

The Training and Recreation Team (TRT) program is our official entrance program for all new and transferring skaters. We offer 12-week orientation sessions throughout the year for all skaters interested in playing roller derby for the Boston Derby Dames. To apply for our next session, visit our Join page.

The TRT is divided up into three levels: Red Line (no contact basic skating skills), Green Line (beginner contact), and Silver Line (scrimmage-ready, and eligible to join the Train Wrecks). When you apply to join the TRT, you’ll be asked to attend a skating clinic so that our coaches can assess your skating skills and properly place you in either the Red or Green Line program. Skaters new to the sport are always placed in the Red Line program, while transfer skaters may start in the Green Line program if their basic skills match that of BDD’s contact-ready skater requirements.

After you complete the 12 week cycle, TRT and league coaches will once again assess your skating skills. If you’ve mastered the required skills, you will move up to either Green or Silver Line; otherwise, you may be asked to repeat your level or to reapply at a future date.

All skaters must identify as female, be at least 18 years old, and have their own primary insurance before they will be allowed to begin practices.

TRT Staff

Estrogeena Davis
TRT Coordinator, Red Line Coach

Red Line Asst Coach

Mandoline Slicer
Green Line Coach

Captain Hook
Green Line Asst Coach

Artoo Detoonate
Train Wrecks Co-Coach

Beantown Brawler
Red Line Asst Coach, Train Wrecks Co-Coach

Elle L Cool Jam
TRT Recruitment Co-Coordinator

Coopa Troopa
TRT Recruitment Co-Coordinator

TRT Outreach

For all other questions about skater recruitment, please email Elle L. Cool Jam.

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